On the Intersection of Food and Technology


On the Intersection of Food and Technology

“Are you eating enough proteins?” or, “are you taking care of your muscles?”, or even “are you helping your core to stay strong?”. These are questions that we face every day: at the gym, talking with friends, or more frequently in a lot of ads around us.

So, how do you react when you hear the word “proteins”? In North America the figures seem to speak by themselves. Please have a look at the Nielsen Homescan Panel data:
Nielsen Homescan Panel data

Nielsen Homescan Panel data

It turns that out, that the excessive consumption and production of animal protein, is very expensive to generate and bears severe environmental impact on our planet. Therefore, the doors are open to alternatives such as plants, insects and a new aquaculture. Which means also business.
Top view photo of grilling meat. PC: Markus Spisk

Top view photo of grilling meat.

PC: Markus Spisk

In the next 50 years, the planet will need to produce more food than in the previous 10,000. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) calculates that the demand for animal protein will double by 2050. Then it will be necessary to feed 9,000 million souls. This nutrient, essential to support life, is braving us as a health challenge and as a business enigma. Every year, the consumption of animal protein grows all over the planet. It does so rampantly that surpasses biological needs and sustainability. Now that red meat and cow’s milk has been positioned as the new nicotine in the minds of the Western fellas, the colossal food sector seeks alternatives (insects, plants, aquaculture) to connect with a society concerned about what they eat and not to rip off the environment. Hence, rethinking the protein industry will be the greatest food business of our time.
Vegan burger. PC: Deryn Macey from

Vegan burger

PC: Deryn Macey from Running On Real Food

It is not a surprise that technological disruption is affecting every aspect of our lives and our food habits may be about to change. In this sense, technology is presenting us with very interesting alternatives on this issue. Here there are some of the alternatives we have been following lately: There a lot of options out there where food and technology are working hand in hand. From @HamraFood we are very excited to see how the future of our eating habits is going to develop, please let us know what are your thoughts or experiences in this matter. Leave a comment below and join the conversation!