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Meet the Enterprise: RED Media Productions

Believing that perseverance and hard-work are the only ways to achieve their dreams, brothers Anas and Abdul Rahman Abu Hamra devoted themselves to establishing Red Media, a Gaza based media production company specialized in filming, montage, information technology and training.

The Hamra brothers applied to YES’ second round of incubation, Mubaderoon 2, which targeted tech-enabled media and advertisement start-ups. RED’s edge lies in its qualified and highly competent team, access to and knowledge of the use of advanced technology. RED’s founders, however, were challenged by the siege on Gaza that limited their ability to expand.

Mubaderoon 2 supported RED Media with the needed administrative, technical and financial support and helped them in surmounting these obstacles, thus enhancing their chances of success.

The company rented an office and grew steadily until July 2014, during the recent war on Gaza. After their office was affected as a result of the war, the team worked remotely from home and kept growing nevertheless.

Today RED Media team has 3 permanent team members and a wide network of connections. They have worked with various local, regional and international organizations and media outlets. The founder of the company Anas Hamra said “Mubaderoon was an indispensable experience for us.

We are today applying the principles that we have learnt during the training sessions of Mubaderoon 2 to build our branding and ID”.

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